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Set your goals!

Back around December/January time I started on a quest to get myself in shape, sometime in January Josh Hanagarne made a post on his blog about his goals for 2010 and asking what other people’s goals were.  In this post I set out a few goals that I was interested in achieving over the course of the year, some being much more ambitious than others.  Also as the year has gone on I have set myself many other goals as my interests have changed and widened, such as plate curling a 10kg plate and swimming a mile.

Recently I was talking to Adam Glass about all that I have achieved this year and how I felt it was important to set realistic goals for yourself to give you milestones on the way to becoming the best you can possibly be.  So with about 3 months left of the year I am now concentrating on the goals I set myself that I have not achieved, the main one being pressing a 32kg kettlebell.  I have no doubt that I will achieve this goal by the end of the year because I am training very smart (using biofeedback) and I have a lot of ideas on how to greatly improve my pressing.

Looking back at the goals I have set myself back then I have greatly improved my bending strength, I started with pieces of 5mm hot rolled steel and worked my way through all sorts of grades of metal and I eventually bent some nails, now I can bend them without too much trouble, although I am nowhere close to bending them with the ease displayed by Adam Glass!  The goal I am most proud of is my improvement on my two hand pinch, I set out with a goal of getting 50kg, this was actually accomplished in my first grip competition in January, since then I have progressed up to lifting 67kg in competition and was more than my bodyweight which is an awesome feat that very few people have accomplished.

Adam is always stressing to people the importance of setting goals and ensuring that you keep a good log of your workouts and I fully support this.  When you set yourself realistic goals and strive to achieve them it paves the way for awesome improvements to your strength, physique and quality of movement.  Sometimes these goals will be long term projects, such as my goal of lifting the dinnie stones, but you can break down such goals into smaller intermediate goals to use as stepping stones.  If you want to lose 50lbs of fat then first you need to lose 10lbs, big goals can be daunting and so breaking them down can make them easier to achieve and you can surprise yourself in the end.

Anyway, after 10 months of training I am leaner (from 35″ to 31″ waist), stronger (deadlift up over 40kg), fitter and move better than I did before.  I have accomplished many goals I set myself and I keep setting more as I demolish the existing ones, I will continue to get better in as many ways as possible every single day!

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Around January this year I decided to get my ass into gear and get myself in shape, around this time I also decided to get involved in grip competitions as I had just started bending steel and using grippers.  Around this time Adam Glass had started posting about biofeedback, which I started incorporating into my workouts although I was a little fuzzy on the details.

So back then I weighed about 165lbs, had 22″ thighs and a 35″ waist.  In my first grip competition in January I managed to pull 53.9kg on the two hand pinch and I was struggling with level 1 on the Vulcan gripper.  My max deadlift was around 115kg, I could do about 8 pushups max and about 4 pullups.  I most definitely was out of shape!!

So I spent several months using biofeedback which my knowledge on improved after watching Grip ‘n Rip DVD and about two months ago I decided to take up Adam’s online coaching.

So, its about 8 months now since I started this journey, so where am I at now?  Well I have dropped down to about 145lbs, 31″ waist and 20″ thighs and I am pretty damn lean!  In my last competition I pulled 67.1kg on the two hand pinch, which was more than my bodyweight, which puts me on a list of about 12 other people in the world that have achieved such a feat and I will pull more at the next leg in a weeks time!  Aside from my two hand pinch all my other lifts are dramatically up, I can do over 20 consecutive pushups, over 10 pullups, my deadlift is over 140kg now and I am closing the Vulcan gripper at level 8.

So I can tell you this, biofeedback has DEFINITELY helped me to get where I am today, in reality my gym sessions are actually pretty short, as you can see in my logs, but biofeedback helps you ensure that what you do each day is the best possible thing to be doing.  The content on the Grip ‘n’ Rip DVD is enough for anyone to get GREAT results, but if you a greedy person and you want to get AWESOME results then Adam’s online coaching is definitely the next step.

So whats so good about online coaching with Adam Glass?  Well if you want to get stronger, faster, leaner or bigger then he can help you.  Adam will answer your emails promptly with any questions you ask and I have spent at least one hour a week on the phone to him.  He has helped me immensely in improving my grip strength and given me plenty of ammo to move forward with training old time strongman feats of strength.  Also he has provided plenty of videos showing me variations of exercise and how to perform specific movements, which have been a MASSIVE benefit to my training.

So the conclusion really is this, if you want to get better and you aren’t using biofeedback then definitely grab the Grip ‘n’ Rip DVD’s.  If you want to take it further or you just want to dive straight in head first then get in touch with Adam Glass directly via facebook or via his website and take up his online/phone coaching!