Slipknot and KoRn gig

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Photo by Danny Payne

Went to see KoRn and Slipknot last night with my brother Nick at the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena. Not seen either of these bands for quite a few years, I think the last time was at Download Festival and I believe Jon Davis didn’t actually end up being there for KoRn as he had his vocal chords?

Anyways the gig was really great, KoRn played quite a lot of their older material which put me on a bit of a trip back to my teens and gothing it up. Slipknot were as heavy and brutal as every time I have seen them, definitely got my heart going and screaming along with the songs, fists pumping in the air.

Bit deaf today and with a sore throat, but totally worth it! Nothing quite like a night of chest thudding metal to get you going in the new year!

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Sound City

I recently watched the documentary Sound City by Dave Grohl, it was definitely the best music documentary I have seen so far and a great insight in to a place where most of my favourite albums / artists were produced.

I also purchased the soundtrack which has songs by a lot of fantastic artists including Paul McCartney, Trent Reznor, Stevie Nicks and obviously Dave Grohl. I think my favourite track at the moment is “You Can’t Fix This” with Stevie Nicks because it really gets stuck in your head.


Fear Factory

On Tuesday I saw Fear Factory live at Manchester Academy 2.  They were fantastic, playing a good blend of their new album, Mechanize, and older tracks from digimortal, demanufacture etc.

All in all the gig was everything I had hoped for, a lot of my favourite tracks, heavy as hell, and left me wanting to punch through a wall and bench press a truck!


U2 Concert

Saw U2 yesterday at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield.
The gig was really good, and the stage was absolutely amazing, must have took a LOT of time to design it!
Only bad thing was there were really bad sound dead-spots, had to move to a more central area to get a decent sound.



Recently bought myself a set of tickets to see Disturbed at Nottingham Rock City, so decided to buy myself a copy of their latest album, Indestructible, which I hadn’t got around to buying yet.

It’s not a bad album at all, it has several good songs on it, notably “Inside the Fire”, “The Night”, “Criminal” and “Divide”. But personally I wouldn’t say it was their best album so far, I’m still a big fan of The Sickness which has a lot of classic tunes on it, and whilst this new album is not a bad album, I don’t think any of the songs on it will stand the test of time and get regular play in rock clubs like their earlier stuff.

Anyway, I will be looking forward to moshing like a mofo when I see them live in October!


Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Well, I’ve been listening to Counting Crows latest album “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” and I must admit I’m very impressed with it, it has several really good songs on it! Certainly not bad after 6 years since they released their last album, looking forward to seeing them at the Sheffield Arena in December!



About a month ago I went to see I band I liked called Turisas, and supporting them was Scottish band called Alestorm.

I decided to buy myself a copy of their album, and I must say, I keep putting it on quite frequently as its rather good.

There’s something about Scottish Pirate Metal thats just AWESOME!

Check them out: !!