Tesla Road Trip to Scotland

Got back home a couple hours ago after completing just over 1200 miles in the last 10 days driving up to Scotland and touring around, odometer started at a mere 500 miles and now at over 1750!

Over this journey I met several Tesla owners from the Tesla Owners Group UK and learned a lot more about my car! 

First thing is that charging really isn’t a chore, with a 300+ mile drive up to Dundee the cars range far exceeded our bladders and our ability to not want a break. Even when doing a quick pit stop for a pee and to grab a drink you can add a lot of miles on a Super Charger!

The biggest issue we had was rain, the wipers suck and I will be looking to replace them shortly. I guess they don’t get rain in California? Driving in the dark with the rain lashing down on narrow windy A roads is not at all fun as your visibility is terrible, very much missed my Skoda at that point!

Once the weather cleared up boy is the Tesla fun to drive on windy Scottish roads! We had a lovely drive from Dundee to the Glenfiddich distillery. The fun continued for the rest of our holiday and I absolutely love this car aside from when the roads are very narrow and you fear losing a wing mirror to a lorry!

TACC is my favourite thing I think, it makes journeys so much easier. Not driven other cars with this so no idea how it compares to other brands, but I find it almost perfect aside from the handful of occasions it has got confused whilst passing a lorry on a motorway and braked slightly.

My AP2 auto-pilot was great on motorways and dual carriageways. It was a bit of a mixed bag on single laned roads though, it impressed me a few times on the A9 by handling the road becoming a dual carriageway and then merging again later. But a few times computer just said no and dumped me back in control, I think I am happy to fully trust it on major roads, minor roads it’s still not quite there yet!

Driving back home today was interesting, we did a quick pit stop at Abington and then a 90% charge at Gretna Green whilst we ate food. Whilst the sat nav wanted us to charge again at Leeds it eventually changed it’s mind to Barnsley, and then we just ignored it and arrived home with 18% charge. It seems my 75D is far more efficient than it seems to estimate.

All in all we had a great first road trip in the Tesla, and we’ve learned a lot more about it and charging. Attached an assortment of obligatory charging photos from our trip 

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