Picked up my Tesla Model S from Russell at Reflectology today, the paintwork is at a whole new level now compared from when I collected it from the showroom. The amount of ‘depth’ in the paintwork is simply astounding, you almost get vertigo staring into the bonnet!

Four days of hard work have gone into this, correcting every minor blemish on the car inside and out, multiple layers of ceramic coating on the paintwork, each wheel taken off and also coated multiple times inside and out and all the interior also treated.

The ceramic coating applied on the final layer was Siramik Diamas Professionali, this should keep the car easy to clean and dreamy to look at for many many years (last car was good after 3+ years)

Would happily recommend Russell Briggs to anyone near J30 of the M1, so Nottingham / Derby / South Yorkshire.

As a Tesla owner, I can do you a favour when you get a Tesla. The only way to get free Supercharging is to use this link: http://ts.la/kris3228

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