Blood test detects melanoma skin cancer while it’s easily treatable

Recently read an article on New Scientist about trails of a new blood test that detects melanoma skin cancer while it’s still in the early stages.

As someone who has had skin cancer I think this a great discovery and hopefully will be able to detect these problems earlier so that people do not have the same issue that I did with regards to being misdiagnosed. Originally the first consultant I saw said that my mole that had changed was nothing to worry about, it wasn’t until 9 months later after it had changed more and I had forced my GP to refer me again was it finally diagnosed as melanoma and dealt with.

I would hope in the future that someone in the same situation could take this blood test to see if the anti-bodies exist and have the problem dealt with much earlier and avoid misdiagnosis in early stages of the disease.


First blood donation of the year

Done my first blood donation of the year today!

The only problem with improving your health is that it seems to take longer to fill the bag when your resting heart rate is low and you have donated blood enough times that it no longer bothers you too much. Blagged myself a packet of crisps and a biscuit whilst having a drink after donating, bit of a quick lunch before heading back to the office.

Anyway hopefully it will save a life or two, I highly encourage others to take 30 mins of their time to go and donate blood if they are healthy enough to do so.



Donating blood

Today I donated blood, it may hurt a little at first, and sure I couldn’t workout this evening due to it.  But it is definitely worth it because it could save some poor kids life!

If you are fit and healthy then you really should consider donating blood as it doesn’t take much time and it only really impacts you for 24hrs.