Poly tunnel Raised Beds

Poly tunnel raised beds
Poly tunnel raised beds


Today I built the raised beds for our poly tunnel, these were made of scaffolding boards and bolted together with M10 x 120mm coach screws from UK Fixings in Sheffield. The coach screws required 7mm pilot holes to ensure that they did not split the scaffold boards, after that they were pretty easy to put together.

On the left hand side we have beds spanning the full length of approx 6m, in the centre and right they span about 4m in length and we plan to build a small potting station in the right hand corner where we can start off some of our plants and possibly grow a few herbs.

Now the next job is to fill all the beds with manure and soil, and then get planting a ton of vegetables!

3 thoughts on “Poly tunnel Raised Beds

  1. Hi, I found your poly tunnel layout really interesting. I’m not sure how old it is.Can you please tell me if you made holes in the black plastic inside the raised beds.Might sound a bit of a dumb question but need to be sure.Many thanks Janice.

  2. Thanks very much.I know the product that lets the water through, but from your picture it looks as if you’ve used black plastic inside the raised beds and the green product which lets the water through elsewhere.

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