Mini Adventure

After my workout today I decided to go for a short run and after a mile or so I stopped to investigate something in a stream that didn’t turn out anywhere near as exciting as I initially thought.  This stroke of excitement then led me onto deciding to go for a mini adventure off the regular beaten trail and walk through the woods.

After acquiring myself a stick from a fallen branch, for no particular reason other than it seemed cool to walk with it, I trekked through the trees and bushes in totally random directions occasionally stopping to investigate things of random interest.  I realised that there are an insane amount of tyres dumped in that area, and I also found a VERY old motorbike and a lambretta, both of which were rusted to hell and have probably been there for at least a decade.

One of these small dumps of tyres was particularly intriguing as from the distance one of them looked quite large and I have been interested in using a truck tyre to practise sledgehammer work on.  I trekked my way towards the three tyres and as I got closer I realised that something wasn’t quite right, like something was watching me.  As I looked around I realised there was a big ass snake next to the tyres, quite well camouflaged in the grass and branches of the ground.  The snake was much much bigger than any snake I have ever seen before in the wild!  I have seen small grass snakes before but this one was a whopper, not quite as big as a python which I have seen before as pets, but this snake was certainly big enough that I decided to quietly walk in the other direction.

A short while later I saw some wild rabbits and at one point I decided to see how close I could get to them with my amazing ginger ninja skills.  Evidently my skills are nowhere near as good as I thought because every time I started getting close they darted off in a hurry, I decided that it was probably best not to keep chasing them for my own amusement because it wasn’t fair on the poor little things.

Towards the end of my little trek I found a large 26″ diameter tyre, that I decided was just big enough for what I wanted, and so I decided to call my mini adventure quits and try and get this thing home.  I spent about 2 miles rolling, throwing and carrying the tyre until I got home and dumped it on my back garden.  After that I was pretty damn tired, the tyre was heavier than I first thought.

I decided to top the nice adventure off with the first of many attempts at improving my writing, by surprisingly enough, writing more, and so here we are my first little story over with.

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